This ‘slow art’ project seeks to transform the Counihan Gallery In Brunswick into an active studio or gallery-as-laboratory environment in June/July 2011. Presented as a series of emerging site-responsive installations and events lead by the Slow Art Collective (SAC), this project involves the art making process taking place within the gallery setting. This slow art environment will develop and unfold during the exhibition and is primarily about the presentation of ephemeral, evolving and collaborative artworks within a public gallery setting and the practice of responding to the specifics of a location


Slow Art Collective
(SAC) is an interdisciplinary artist group who focus on creative practices and ethics relating to production and consumption, environmental sustainability, DIY culture, and collaborative practice. As a collective, Tony Adams, Chaco Kato, Ash Keating and Dylan Martorell are interested in a process-driven practice where the focus is on the act of making. These principles align with the broader ‘slow movement’ with its attention to strengthening connections to place and people and the notion of expanding time itself. They intertwine art, architecture, music and environmentalism to explore critical and timely issues in visual and material culture, and their output takes the shape of more ephemeral forms of expression such as site-responsive installation and performance as well as physical interventions in built structures. Collaboration is intrinsic to all facets of their work, and since 2009 SAC have undertaken a range of projects that use the process of collecting to address the crossovers between artistic practice, creative sustainability and individual responsibility. Recent projects include Watershed: Mapping the Yarra 2010 andTS2: Mooney Valley Transfer Station 2009. /!/pages/Slow-Art-Collective/216459852009

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Week 4: Art and Science workshop with Scale Free Network


You are invited to take a closer look at The Brunswick Project.

Visitors (i.e. you!) are STRONGLY encouraged to drop into the Counihan Gallery to study the hidden structures within Slow Art Collective's exhibition....with the aid of microscopes. There is also the opportunity to make artworks based on a microscopic view of the show.

Bring in samples to study and observe, whether it be from a local pond or fluff balls from your bedroom. Scientists and artists (i.e. Gregory Crocetti, Jacqueline Smith and Briony Barr) will be on hand to assist in your exploration of the Brunswick Project.

Sat 9th July: 1-4pm, and Sun 10th of July: 1-4pm 


and again, Tonny's lunch, roasted veggies, quinoa salada, hummus 




4hr. Teahouse Jason Workman

4hr. Teahouse was a temporary public tea house serving free tea. It operated for 4 hours on Sunday 10th June from 11am-3pm on the corner of Sydney Rd and Dawson St , Brunswick.

Materials: Found material (timber, fallen branches, metal, plastic water container), tea implements, organic Sencha, gas camping burner, modified pot, tetra packs.

...and outside, Jason setted up the beautiful self contained Tea House. offered nice green tea to everyone
入り口にて、ジェイソンが、サテライトプロジェクトとして4hour Tea Houseを催してくれた。道ばたで拾って作った美しいテーブル、ガスストーブセットで、大変美味しい緑茶をいれてくれる。道行く人の憩いの場となる。

...even Japanese people from Japan enjoyed his way of green tea ceremony

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