This ‘slow art’ project seeks to transform the Counihan Gallery In Brunswick into an active studio or gallery-as-laboratory environment in June/July 2011. Presented as a series of emerging site-responsive installations and events lead by the Slow Art Collective (SAC), this project involves the art making process taking place within the gallery setting. This slow art environment will develop and unfold during the exhibition and is primarily about the presentation of ephemeral, evolving and collaborative artworks within a public gallery setting and the practice of responding to the specifics of a location


Slow Art Collective
(SAC) is an interdisciplinary artist group who focus on creative practices and ethics relating to production and consumption, environmental sustainability, DIY culture, and collaborative practice. As a collective, Tony Adams, Chaco Kato, Ash Keating and Dylan Martorell are interested in a process-driven practice where the focus is on the act of making. These principles align with the broader ‘slow movement’ with its attention to strengthening connections to place and people and the notion of expanding time itself. They intertwine art, architecture, music and environmentalism to explore critical and timely issues in visual and material culture, and their output takes the shape of more ephemeral forms of expression such as site-responsive installation and performance as well as physical interventions in built structures. Collaboration is intrinsic to all facets of their work, and since 2009 SAC have undertaken a range of projects that use the process of collecting to address the crossovers between artistic practice, creative sustainability and individual responsibility. Recent projects include Watershed: Mapping the Yarra 2010 andTS2: Mooney Valley Transfer Station 2009. /!/pages/Slow-Art-Collective/216459852009

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Week One - Install and Opening


                        kitchen garden week one

garden balls week one

mobile sound system A

Instruments for the performance area which is connected to the sonic isolation container via a series 
of microphones, effects pedals and inner and outer surround sound speaker system

                                                          week one performance area

     trumpet tower and sound system B.

details of trumpet tower and sound system

     Install of kitchen and bike powered grey water purification system

 SACs latest recruit Tetsuta overseeing his pump design 

Sonic isolation tank

inside the tank

sonic isolation tank A in progress 

Sonic Isolation Tank B - in progress

    Lunchtime care of Raw Tony.Amazing.

Setting up the garden which will provide source material and ingredients for SAC, Ocular Lab and Scale Free Network over the next 4 weeks.

Sports in the mess hall

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